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                [Funny paragraph 1] I was eating in the canteen that day. The manager looked for me and watched me eating. He said, "Continue to eat and finish eating in my office." The manager just left, my phone rang, a customer, really Hey, it’s been more than an hour. It’s easy to settle down the customer, just eat chopsticks, and the manager will come to me again if he is not in a hurry. Seeing that I am still eating, I said to me meaningfully: "Small yellow, it is a good habit to chew slowly, but you can't waste precious time on three meals a day."


                [Funny paragraph 2] The lottery station came to a beautiful girl. I bought a two-color ball here. She said that she bought it for her friend. Let me help the number. After she bought it, she looked at me and didn’t leave. Did she Want me to contact me? Just listened to the girl and said: "Boss, have you given me the ball yet?"


                [Funny paragraph 3] Every time I take my boyfriend home, my dad came to open the door like this: Oh, it’s really fun to come back. Then I saw my boyfriend at the back 哟, the pig of the cabbage was also coming.